Fighter Ace Anniversary Edition

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A massively-multiplayer plane simulator that enables you to recreate the greatest WWII aerial battles

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World War II saw more than its share of battles, regardless of the medium and the machinery involved. Whether it was on the ground between tanks and infantry, on the water between battle cruisers and destroyers, or in the air between fast and agile planes, the fighting was always going and people were constantly dying for what they believed in.

Join other people in massive aerial battles

Fighter Ace Anniversary Edition has been come out as a way to celebrate the ten years since the series has been released and it features even more action that it did before, in the form of intense battles above Germany, Korea or Russia. The fact that the game can be played online together with many other players at the same time inspire even more realism into the dogfights, since everyone has their own playing style and it makes for a very diverse gameplay.

As previously, the action takes place in the second World War and you get to fly aboard over a hundred of the most recognizable planes from that era, as well as fight on the side of the Axis or the Allies, depending on where your loyalties lie. Moreover, the scenery spreads throughout Asia as well, where you can go head to head with the Korean forces and recreate historical battles.

Focus on taking down your enemies

It is worth noting that the game is heavily focused on the air battles, rather than on the flying model and realism when it comes to the handling of the planes. Thus, the aircraft are very easy to control, which allows you to concentrate on shooting the enemies and let the game worry about aerodynamics and all the other things that keep a plane up in the air.

Graphically-speaking, the game took extra care of the actual vehicles, since they are the main attraction and mostly the center of attention throughout the entire gameplay. The scenery has been very nicely modeled as well, though, in order to provide you with different landscapes for every country that you visit in the pursuit of war.

Arcade-style multiplayer action

Despite the fact that you cannot count on realism, Fighter Ace achieves its purpose and provides you with almost endless fun when it comes to the epic battles that ensue between players from all over the world. In addition, the diversity of the locations and the huge number of planes keep you playing for a long time without getting too repetitive.

Fighter Ace Anniversary Edition was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on October 1st, 2014
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