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As the twelfth game in the series, FIFA 2005 aims to bring the latest football mechanics to your PC

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In 2004 Electronic Arts returns with the twelfth installment in the FIFA franchises that introduces an all-new fluid player kinetic system that provides an unmatched control over your players during each encounter.

Introducing First Touch Control

Unlike its predecessors, FIFA 2005 comes with a revolutionary gameplay addition called First-Touch control that gives you the possibility to perform various tricks and passes just like in real life. This allows players to move fluidly on the field and with a quick flick of the controller you can instantly trap, knock, and flick the ball past your opponents like never before.

Gameplay has also received a few important tweaks and now comes with the highly requested create-a-player mode, as well as an improved career mode that will test your skills across 15 years.

More official teams and leagues than ever before

In terms of official team and league licenses FIFA 2005 manages to gather under its hood the highest number ever recorded in a football game, including lower leagues for the most important championships in Europe, as well as the being first version to integrate the Mexican League.

Official stadiums and crowd chants have also received a major overhaul to provide a realistic football experience to every player. In terms of game broadcast, FIFA 2005 comes with new in-game camera angles, smooth replay scenes, and the popular commentary provided by John Motson and Ally McCoist just like in a real television broadcast.

Test your skills in online matches

Besides its local gameplay possibility, FIFA 2005 also gives you the opportunity to test your skills and challenge players from around the world in intense online matches.

Using EA Sports' intuitive matchmaking system, you will now be able to meet, chat and setup tournaments with other users where you can prove you have what it takes to reach the top of the leaderboards.

Try the latest football mechanics on your PC

FIFA 2005 manages to surprise its fanbase once more with the all new first-touch control system that manages to make gameplay more fluid and quite unpredictable in versus matches.

With the return of the Creation Zone, you can now customize players in any way you want or even create new tournaments that can provide you with fresh challenges.

If it's management you're looking for, the new Career Mode gives you total control over your favorite team during 15 seasons in which you'll have the chance to win all major tournaments in your area. 

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Last updated on April 30th, 2014
FIFA 2005 Demo - From the main screen you can quickly start a new match.FIFA 2005 Demo - Here you can choose the team you want to play with and your adversary.FIFA 2005 Demo - Select your side and get ready to step onto the football field.FIFA 2005 Demo - screenshot #4FIFA 2005 Demo - screenshot #5FIFA 2005 Demo - screenshot #6FIFA 2005 Demo - screenshot #7FIFA 2005 Demo - screenshot #8FIFA 2005 Demo - screenshot #9FIFA 2005 Demo - screenshot #10FIFA 2005 Demo - screenshot #11FIFA 2005 Demo - screenshot #12

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