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With its yearly releases, FIFA has rarely disappointed its fans and thanks to the long lasting rivalry between FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer, EA has constantly worked on improving the game making it a fully fledged soccer simulator.

Enhanced core gameplay features

With the 09 installment, EA has once again raised the bar for soccer simulation games by improving upon its latest installment, adding new player animations as well as enhancing core gameplay features, such as better dribbling, shooting, passing, and improved trapping.

In addition to that, physics have also received an overhaul, FIFA 09 being able to deliver more realistic player collisions, better tackling and authentic jostling for the ball.

The AI is now smarter allowing your teammates to unmark themselves and even raise their hand to call for a through pass when the occasion arises. On the defense, goalkeepers now benefit from an improved intelligence, allowing them to react to shots faster and more realistically, have better positioning, and recover from saves quicker.

Experience the new Be A Pro mode

One of the biggest addition to FIFA 09 is the new Be A Pro mode in which players will be able to control a single player on the pitch through a full four seasons. In terms of who you'll be able to play, you can choose a real-world player or create your own custom one on the position you want.

To progress through your career, you'll have to make your contribution within the team by completing a number of passes, tackles, or scoring goals.

Furthermore, Be A Pro also offers 10 vs 10 online matches that allow you and your friends to take on rival teams from anywhere in the world. This mode is incredibly fun, although it can also become frustrating when your team is disorganized.

The Adidas Live Season is yet another new feature in FIFA 09, which will deliver player stats updates based on real-life performances on a weekly basis.

A feature packed must-play soccer sim

FIFA 09 has definitely raised the bar for the genre through its numerous additions and enhancements that take it closer and closer to a realistic simulation.

The new Be A Pro mode is one of the core additions to the game and the one that will surely keep you and your friends pinned at your PCs trying to make a name for yourselves in those crazy 10 vs 10 matches.

Fifa 09 Demo was reviewed by Cosmin Anton
Last updated on August 13th, 2014
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