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A bowling simulator that allows you to play against the computer and switch between a variety of lanes and environments

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Bowling may not be the most exciting sport out there, but that doesn’t mean the players do not have to put in a lot of effort and skill into the matches. Moreover, there are plenty of different tactics, strikes and techniques that can be used to achieve the desired result, although it also depends on the bowler’s state of mind and his years of training.

Simulate the sport on the computer

Fast Lanes Bowling is a simulator that takes the waiting out of the equation and allows you to jump right into the competition, where you can go head to head against the CPU and hone your skills on the lane. Moreover, there are plenty of game modes to choose from as well, whether you want to train, start a career, or just have a quick one-on-one match and try out your new strategies.

In the beginning, you can choose to create a player and use him or her as your in-game alter-ego, by picking one of the available models and giving it a name. The strength and spin abilities can be customized as well, since they control whether you are able to spin the ball accurately enough and throw it with the right speed, in order to make sure that the pins fall with every successful shot.

Tricky controls keep you from achieving perfection’

Naturally, one might wonder what keeps you from learning how much speed/spin to apply in order to score a strike every single time. Well, a little bit of luck and good reflexes are required too, since the controls ask you to press a button multiple times at the right intervals in order to configure the path of the ball according to your preferences. Thus, it is pretty difficult to do it over and over again, although definitely not impossible.

Lastly, the graphics engine received plenty of care and you can clearly observe that in the environments and the quality of the objects. Speaking of which, there are multiple ball models and an assortment of different locations, ranging from the common bowling alleys, to pirate ships, alien planets and various other crazy places. Moreover, you can choose to use a ball made of metal, plastic, wood, or even a pumpkin or a coconut.

A good way to take the edge off

In the end, Fast Lanes Bowling is not exactly a top-notch game, but it can certainly keep you busy for a few hours whenever you don’t have anything better to do. In addition, if you are a fan of the sport, you might appreciate the fact that you are allowed to add spin to the ball and come up with some pretty unique strikes along the way.

Fast Lanes Bowling Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on January 28th, 2015
Fast Lanes Bowling Demo - There are plenty of game modes to choose from.Fast Lanes Bowling Demo - You can create bowlers or add CPU players instead.Fast Lanes Bowling Demo - The ball's trajectory can be carefully calculated beforehand.Fast Lanes Bowling Demo - screenshot #4Fast Lanes Bowling Demo - screenshot #5Fast Lanes Bowling Demo - screenshot #6Fast Lanes Bowling Demo - screenshot #7Fast Lanes Bowling Demo - screenshot #8Fast Lanes Bowling Demo - screenshot #9Fast Lanes Bowling Demo - screenshot #10Fast Lanes Bowling Demo - screenshot #11

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