Fast Break Pro Basketball 2013

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Simulate entire basketball seasons and coach the desired team from the sidelines in this realistic simulator

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Sports like basketball may be fun to watch on TV, but both the players and the staff behind the team have to work extremely hard for the results they manage to achieve. A lot of training and dedication is required in order to make it at a professional level, which is why there’s also a lot of money involved. In case you want to see exactly how difficult it can be to keep it all under control, you can try to do so in a simulator and see whether you’ve got what it takes.

Create a custom league from scratch, or simulate a real one

Fast Break Pro Basketball 2013 is a state-of-the-art simulator that allows you to experience the thrill of being in charge of a professional basketball team, or even an entire league if you truly want a challenge. As such, the game packs a huge database of teams and players, all of which have been designed to respond as realistically as possible to the situations that arise during the simulation.

To begin with, the game enables you to start a career mode from scratch and even create a league, using a custom name and the desired selection of teams. The number of teams in the league can vary quite a bit, and it’s all up to your preferences anyway. In case you want something more authentic, a couple of historical leagues are available as well, dating back to 1946.

Customize players and simulate the matches play-by-play

To make things more interesting, the game also allows you to create your very own teams and players, complete with custom attributes and stats to define their market value and experience. However, if you went for the historical alternative, that doesn’t mean you are stuck with the same players every time either. Transfers can be realized at the click of a button, which makes the gameplay that much more volatile and fun.

As far as the interface is concerned, everything looks modern and even a bit classy, although it might take a while to get used to the button placement. Some of the functions are not as intuitively placed as you might like, but things are generally pretty straightforward and self-explanatory. In addition, it is quite simple to change something about the game if you are not comfortable with the default settings.

A sturdy simulator for every basketball fan out there

While Fast Break Pro Basketball 2013 may not feature too much of a visual component to the simulation, the gameplay is still pretty exciting and you get to really take control of the desired team. In addition, the customization options should come in handy whenever you want something more than the historical leagues and players.

Fast Break Pro Basketball 2013 was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 22nd, 2015
Fast Break Pro Basketball 2013 - The game's main menu allows you to start a new career, or load a previous save.Fast Break Pro Basketball 2013 - You can customize every aspect of the league you will be playing in.Fast Break Pro Basketball 2013 - There are many players you can choose from and they all come with detailed stats.Fast Break Pro Basketball 2013 - screenshot #4Fast Break Pro Basketball 2013 - screenshot #5Fast Break Pro Basketball 2013 - screenshot #6Fast Break Pro Basketball 2013 - screenshot #7Fast Break Pro Basketball 2013 - screenshot #8Fast Break Pro Basketball 2013 - screenshot #9Fast Break Pro Basketball 2013 - screenshot #10Fast Break Pro Basketball 2013 - screenshot #11Fast Break Pro Basketball 2013 - screenshot #12

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