Farming Giant

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Build farms and transform them into profitable business, in order to make a profit and extend your enterprise

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The farming industry may sound like something that belongs in the middle ages and most people might imagine it as endless fields filled with people unearthing potatoes and picking carrots. However, there are more farms right now than there have ever been, given the huge population of the planet and the ever-rising demand for fresh vegetables. Moreover, the fields are indeed endless, but hi-tech machinery is running across them instead of people.

Make some money out of crops

Farming Giant is a tycoon-type game that allows you to become a very rich man by planting, growing and selling a variety of crops, in order to obtain a profit and expand your business even further. However, as any successful farmer will tell you, it is definitely not easy to get it right, not to mention the fact that it is pretty costly to run and maintain a farm, given the expensive machinery required, irrigation and many other factors that require monetary investments.

In the beginning, you start off with a small business and you have to make sure that you choose the right crops, by watching the demand of the market before venturing any further and planting any seeds. There are plenty of different scenarios to choose from, as well as multiple game modes that emphasize on different aspects of the business.

Trade your product and turn a profit

Planting and harvesting your crops is but half the work, since it all depends on whether you are able to sell them for a good price, in order to recover your investment and maybe even turn a profit. The economical module of the game is quite realistic and complicated, which means that you can spend a lot of time weighing your options and coming up with a variety of strategies to make as much money as you can with what you produce.

From a technical point of view, the game looks pretty nice, especially when it comes to the landscapes and the user interface. There are plenty of vehicles to choose from and see in action, all of which are nicely modeled to resemble real machinery. You might stumble into some bugs and optimization issues, but overall, the game runs smoothly and you can definitely forget yourself in the farming empire you are laying the foundation for.

An addictive and fun experience

In the end, Farming Giant achieves its purpose and it can certainly provide you with quite a few hours of entertainment on the long run. Moreover, the large number of options means that the replayability factor is through the roof, given the fact that there are multiple tactics you can use in order to finish the scenarios and become incredibly rich.

Farming Giant was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on January 20th, 2015
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