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The ultimate soccer experience has been released under Fifa 10. EA Games promises that this is the best simulator of all times.

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Released in 2009, FIFA 10 promised to bring lots of improvements over its previous versions, including an innovative player control method with 360 degrees dribbling capabilities, improved Manager mode, and lots of new stadiums and official teams.

New and innovative physics

FIFA 10 comes with an improved physics engine capable of offering a revolutionary 360 degrees dribbling system that gives you new options when your team is on the offense.

Things have also been improved when it comes to defense, as the new AI logic is capable of positioning itself intelligently on the field to cover dangerous spaces left by your teammates.

Physics also influence the new passing and shooting system, which is now more accurate than ever and resembles real-world reactions similar with those of the top players.

Introducing the Russian Premier League and lots of new teams

In terms of content, FIFA 10 features the best 30 football leagues from around the world with over 500 teams, 25 of which have never appeared in any of the previous installments.

Also, with this new version, EA introduces the Russian Premier League and the Netherlands national team as a fully licensed entity. Speaking of national teams, FIFA 10 includes 41 of the most popular teams, almost all being fully licensed.

Overhauled Manager Mode

The popular Manager Mode is back in this new iteration of the highly regarded franchise and comes with over 50 key improvements that promise to offer a smooth gameplay experience.

Transfers now follow new logic conditions based on the players' career prospects, prestige, and finance. Player development has also received an update and now follows a growth curve based on various factors which take in consideration the playing environment as well as the coach's demands.

A true football experience on your PC

FIFA 2010 manages to surprise players with lots of additions that not only take gameplay to a whole new level but, also, improve other areas that were somewhat overlooked in the previous versions.

The new Manager and Virtual Pro modes will also provide lots of hours of gameplay for the times when you want to step down from controlling the entire team and take the career of a manager or a football professional into your own hands.

FIFA 10 was reviewed by Cosmin Anton
Last updated on May 6th, 2014
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