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Start your soccer manager career and lead the desired team to international fame and glory

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Each year, a new FIFA is released with brand new features and improvements, including graphical changes, a better AI and more teams and players from around the world. FIFA 07 follows this pattern as well, by providing you with countless of hours of soccer and pure entertainment, as well as new game modes and a tweaked multiplayer experience.

Kick-start your manager career

The entire game revolves around the career mode, which enables you to take control of a team and make your way up through the league board, as well as participate in International competitions. Beside winning the respect of your fans, you also receive money from your sponsors, which also provide you with various conditions and challenges in order to keep providing you with match funding.

The career mode also implies taking care of your players, by managing their contracts and keeping their morale high when their performance does not rise according to the expectations. In addition, you also have the possibility to manage their salaries, as well as borrow or purchase new players whenever the transfer period is active.

New gameplay improvements and refined ball control

As it happens every year, the game receives its fair share of improvements when it comes to graphics and physics, as well as a more accurate player and ball control on the field. This translates into a smoother gameplay, which makes the entire experience feel more like a real football match and it allows you to perform more natural combos and combinations.

The commentary, on the other hand, although slightly improved, can get very repetitive after a few hours and you might feel the need to turn it off and enjoy the crowd chants instead. In addition, the game also features a brand new soundtrack, with a large number of popular songs from famous artists around the world.

Lead your team to glory and international fame

Beside the singleplayer improvements, FIFA 07 brings a wide array of multiplayer goodies as well, including a new mode called “Be a pro”, which enables you to play as an individual and help the desired team to win championships. Thus, overall, FIFA 07 does its duty and provides you with a new soccer simulator to keep you occupied until next year.

FIFA 07 Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 5th, 2014
FIFA 07 DemoFIFA 07 DemoFIFA 07 Demo

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