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Survive a world full of evil and perils in this top-down role-playing game, while also developing your character

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Role-playing games require a lot of interesting characters in order to make the experience memorable, not to mention a strong story and solid gameplay mechanics. In essence, a lot of things are required to make a good RPG, but some of them can turn out great by simply focusing on a single aspect the most, so that the rest of the elements seem less significant.

A fantastic world filled with interesting things to see

Driftmoon decided to set its sights on a good story and a world full of detail, while disregarding things like visual acuity and combat mechanics. Hence, you are left with something that feels more like an interactive story than a role-playing game, which is just as good, as long as you do not expect a satisfying experience when it comes to character development as well.

Story-wise, everything revolves around a team of unlikely fellows, including a young boy, a firefly, and a panther. Together, they explore a fascinating world filled with danger, treasure, and interesting people, while also trying to stop an evil king from doing his bidding. Along the way, many other quests and adventures can be enjoyed, depending on how much time you want to spend inside the game.

Simple combat mechanics and poor graphics

When it comes to smashing steel, however, things are not as fun as they could have been. All you need to do in a fight is to click your mouse button and select one of the special abilities you get to unlock along the way. There are no mesmerizing combat effects, pretty animations, or anything like that, just a few apathetic sword swings every now and again.

Moreover, the graphics department is rather disappointing as well, although that has yet to cause problems in a role-playing game, until now. The designers filled the environment with small objects, including coins, fruit, potions and the like, but they can be pretty tricky to spot and pick up. In addition, pieces of furniture can stand in your field of vision, which makes it that much more difficult to see certain objects.

Plenty of curious locations await you

Despite all that, you can still give Driftmoon a try, if only to experience the story and the pleasant characters you get to meet along the way. However, do not expect to be baffled by the game, because it doesn’t know any mind blowing tricks.

Driftmoon Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
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