Dirt Track Racing Demo

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Drive aggressive because all it matters is to win the race!




This is the world's first authentic dirt track racing game, qualification to championship. From the fender--bending, dog-eat-dog world of stock, to the supped-up production stock racing machines and fast-as-lightening, loud-as-thunder late model series, this is racing on the edge.

Aggressive driving, accumulated prize money and smart vehicle and upgrade purchases propel you to the next class. Get your car in gear and start racing!
Last updated on July 31st, 2009
Dirt Track Racing Demo - This is the main screen of the gameDirt Track Racing Demo - Choose the track you want to race on carefully because it can make the difference between 1st place and last placeDirt Track Racing Demo - Customize your car to the last detail!Dirt Track Racing DemoDirt Track Racing Demo

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