Demolition Company

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A realistic demolition simulator that allows you to bring down a variety of structures

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A lot of games out there challenge you to build cities, houses and even civilizations, which admittedly is quite difficult and rewarding in its own way. On the other hand, it can also be rewarding and fun to bring down these constructions, preferably by using a variety of tools to do so.

Wreak, demolish and destroy

Demolition Company came up with the very same idea and it provides you with a few entertaining scenarios in which you get to bring down buildings and create a lot of rubble in your path, using various tools and machinery to do so. Thus, from simple shacks that can be tackled with a simple sledgehammer, to skyscrapers that require the power of TNT, all levels of destruction are covered inside the game.

Naturally, you start of at the bottom, since no one would trust you with the big jobs right from the get-go. As you progress through the missions, you start to unlock more and more important demolitions in different parts of the city, all of which require more planning, better tools and attention, so you do not cause accidents or affect other buildings while you're at it.

Sandbox gameplay mechanics and interesting physics

Although you are given a certain objective before each mission and you cannot destroy anything else on the map, other than the building you are required to do bring down, there's nothing stopping you from exploring the other buildings on foot, before you jump into the bulldozer and ram it into the nearby support beam. In addition, you can also equip hand tools and use them when the task requires a bit more precision.

To display the damage caused by the machinery, the game uses a very sophisticated physics engine to handle the effects of your wrecking ball. Hence, the buildings are made out of multiple parts, all of which can be weakened and broken down into smaller pieces. As you weaken the vital components, it is possible that the entire thing will collapse over you, which is why you need to carefully plan how to go about it beforehand.

Immense replayability and high fun factor

In the end, Demolition Company's mission can be replayed in a wide variety of ways, depending on how you want to bring the structures down. In addition, the multitude of tools and vehicles put at you disposal make it a real delight to bring down walls and see entire buildings collapse under the might of your sledgehammer.

Demolition Company was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on October 27th, 2014
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