Delta Force: Xtreme

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Fight enemies in all new mission while recapturing the thrills of the famous Delta Force game

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Delta Force: Xtreme is a tactical first-person shooter game where you will have to play as a soldier who takes part in various mission around the globe. The seventh game in the series, aims to bring back the old-style gameplay that made Delta Force such a known game. Unlike it's Black Hawk Dawn predecessor, in this game you will find elements from the old series.

Stop the world from falling into chaos by using force

The terrorist threat is growing and the Delta Force is the only team that has the right men for stopping these cells. Drugs are bad, but when drug money is used to finance terrorist operations, someone must intervene and that someone is the Delta Force team. Travel to Peru, Chad and Novoya Zemlya while making sure the terrorists are out of business.

Most missions will consists in neutralizing specific targets, but the more enemies you will take out, the more experience you'll gain at the end.

Can't test military shooter without enjoying some cool weapons

The single player contains three different campaigns with several missions each. While mostly you will have to travel on foot while gunning down enemy soldiers, this game introduces something new to the Delta Force franchise: the vehicular combat.

Before each mission, players will get to chance to customize their arsenal by choosing from several weapons: assault rifles and sniper rifles in the primary slot, rocket launchers or mines in the second slot. In your inventory you will also find a pistol, a knife for melee combat, smoke grenades, flash bang grenades and frag grenades.

Unfortunately, the multiplayer is no longer supported by NovaLogic, so you will have to stick to shooting AI controlled enemies.

The game is proof that old-school gameplay will always win

This is a pick-up and play shooter or a run and gun FPS, so even beginners to the genre won't have a hard time playing. Even if the game suffers a lot due to the bad AI and dull visuals, the retro gameplay that made Delta Force a franchise is still there.

Delta Force: Xtreme was reviewed by Alexandru Niculaita
Last updated on July 15th, 2014
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