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A first-person shooter that features rich environments, large maps and a variety of action-packed missions around the world

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The Delta Force series always featured a more tactical approach to shooters, by emphasizing on your ability to analyze the terrain before charging the enemies head on. Additionally, the AI rarely misses and you can quickly succumb to death after being hit by two or three bullets, which makes it extra difficult to advance through the missions.

Better gameplay mechanics and larger maps

Delta Force Land Warrior features a heavily improved gameplay over the previous titles, especially when it comes to responsiveness and accuracy, since you can now be more than certain that your bullets will hit their target, as long as your aim is true. In addition, the game also took a turn for more pronounced realism levels, in order to provide you with a closer depiction of an actual battlefield.

The game allows you to choose the desired scenario before each mission and they increase in difficulty as you keep advancing through them. Moreover, depending on the environments, you might also want to choose from different classes and characters, so that you can take advantage of their special arsenal, such as snipers, rifles and grenade launchers, all of which come in handy in different situations.

Action-packed missions and improved AI

Although you usually get dropped outside the hot zone and you have to infiltrate the bases in order to accomplish the required objectives, things can quickly get heated as soon as you have the location in sights. The enemy AI has been significantly improved and it can cause a lot of headaches if you do not plan ahead and find the best route inside the base. However, you are always free to charge in through the front gates, as long as you are confident that you can take them all at once.

The fact that you can choose your own path is due to the fact that the maps are larger as well, featuring a lot more open ground around the objectives. Even if the landscapes are not very detailed, they do help you immerse into the atmosphere, since it usually takes you a few minutes to reach the point of interest and they also provide you with good sniping locations.

Sturdy gameplay mechanics and plenty of scenarios

Delta Force Land Warrior encompasses all the right elements for a successful shooter, including responsive and intuitive mechanics, different character classes, a variety of missions and more than enough action to keep you entertained.

Delta Force Land Warrior Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on October 27th, 2014
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