Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

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A tactical-based FPS that enables you to take control over a team of three soldiers and complete a variety of missions around the world

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First person shooters are usually based on quick reactions and massive numbers of enemies to offer you a decent challenge while playing them. Alternatively, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down focuses more on team play and tactics than on shooting the most number of enemy soldiers, by simulating realistic UN interventions in various parts of the world.

Use teamwork to break through the enemy lines

Unlike the usual approach when it comes to the standard mission blueprint for this type of games, Black Hawk Down does not pit you all by yourself against unending hordes of enemy soldiers, but rather puts you in charge of a well-trained team instead. Hence, you can use finesse and tactics to overpower the AI, which brings much more satisfaction when properly achieved.

Other than the fact that you are part of a team, the game plays out like any other shooter, which means that you get a few weapons you can use to slowly make your way through the enemy lines. Hence, you are able to carry a rifle, pistol and knife, as well as various other damage-dealing weapons, such as grenades. The same can be said about the gameplay mechanics as well, which are pretty standard and intuitive right from the get-go, posing no difficulties when it comes to player control.

Take part in realistic missions around the world

Another interesting factor that makes the game a bit more special is the way missions are structured, as well as the objectives you have to carry out during their course. According to the developers, each mission is created after UN interventions from around the world, in order to offer you a high dose of realism when it comes to modern warfare operations.

The realism is intensified even more by the other aspects of the game, including the sound, graphics and voice acting, which have been carefully modeled in order to seamlessly blend with each other. In addition, the AI manages to provide you with a challenge most of the time, although you cannot always count on the fact that it will do so, since most of its actions are scripted according to specific circumstances.

A very well-polished tactical shooter

In the end, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down brings a fresh perspective on shooters, focusing more on the tactical angle and giving you much more options in the process. Moreover, the specially created missions inspire even more realism, while the multiplayer mode can be the source of countless hours of fun and tactics.

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 3rd, 2014
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