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Travel the globe in search for the best deer trophies from five realistic species

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Hunting is a sport that requires extreme patience and calm, since the slightest mistake can scare the prey away and you are left with nothing to show for all your efforts. Thus, people who hunt usually do it on their own, so they only have themselves to blame if they happen to alert the animals of their presence.

Explore vast landscapes in the search for the desired game

Deer Hunter 2005 aims to provide you with the realistic experience of a real hunt, using a wide array of landscapes and many different animal species to simulate a believable environment. In addition, you are also given almost every instrument you might need in order to track, lure and ultimately kill the desired prey and collect your trophies.

It is worth noting that the maps on which you are allowed to roam and search for animals are quite well made, with nice forests and calm rivers covering the terrain, as well as hills and valleys that can hide you quite well from the unsuspecting victims. In addition, you are also provided with a horse, which can be used to move quickly through the environment, at the cost of being very loud and scaring the animals away if it is not used accordingly.

Track and lure prey using your skills

Your character possesses a few skills that come in handy on a hunt, such as tracking and luring. Thanks to these, you can easily pick-up trails regardless of the environment and you can get closer to the animals without raising their suspicion or scaring them away. Alternatively, you can use sprays to mask your scent, as well as devices that can lure deer with their specific mating sounds.

To render the vast landscapes, the game uses a high-end graphic engine, which is capable of handling a lot of vegetation on the screen at the same time, as well as realistically depict animal movements. In addition, you can also observe good-looking sun flares and convincing water effects, all of which inspire more life into the surroundings and allow you to immerse into the atmosphere.

Become the ultimate deer hunter

All in all, Deer Hunter 2005 can be the perfect choice for hunting enthusiasts, especially since the difficulty level is quite high and you need a lot of patience to get the hang of the game. Once you do that, though, you can lose yourself for hours at end into its deep forests, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Deer Hunter 2005 Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 15th, 2014
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