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A third-person stealth shooter that takes place in the second World War, with you playing a Soviet agent

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Throughout the second World War, spies were an essential tool for both sides of the conflict, since that is how everyone got knowledge about the enemy developments and new technologies. Although most of them were actually just trying to acquire intelligence, others were actually sent in covert operations, which required them to go inside vital enemy objectives and make photos, or even eliminate various targets.

A highly-trained Soviet spy

Death to Spies is a third-person shooter with heavy stealth elements, in which you basically have to infiltrate your way into a variety of German bases, as well as navigate dangerous military compounds and disguise yourself as someone else. Although the main goal is almost usually to gather information about a certain subject, it is also possible to be asked to take out someone, or even plant some explosives and demolish an important building.

The story talks about Smersh, which was a Soviet counterintelligence agency in charge of making sure that the nation is always aware of the latest developments when it comes to technology, science and military tactics. Your role is to play an agent for this agency and undertake a variety of tasks, all of which require you to go alone behind enemy lines and cause all sorts of problems.

Pure stealth-based gameplay mechanics

Although the gameplay is largely borrowed from the Hitman series, the premise is different, most of the time, as are the environments themselves and the arsenal you carry. Just like in Hitman, however, you can decide on what equipment to bring at the start of every scenario, choosing from chloroform bottles, silenced pistols and a variety of rifles. The emphasis, however, is put on stealth, since you cannot take on more than one enemy at once and if the alarm is raised, your chances of surviving the mission diminish gravely.

Beside crawling and crouching around dark corners, some other interesting options are available as well, such as to disguise yourself as someone else. While this is only possible in some missions, you can definitely have a lot of fun passing as someone else, although the trick can only work up to a point. Whenever you get discovered, on the other hand, it does not really matter what color your jacket is, if you cannot give a good reason for being there.

Fun and addictive gameplay

Although it may suffer from a severe lack of originality when it comes to gameplay and even interface, Death to Spies is definitely a good game, especially if you are a fan of the stealth genre. Attracting attention is always punished, while excessive use of force can cause you to fail the mission, regardless of how good of a shot you think you are.

Death to Spies Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on January 3rd, 2015
Death to Spies Demo - You can equip the desired weapons before each mission.Death to Spies Demo - The forest can help you remain undetected.Death to Spies Demo - Guards have predetermined patrol routes, so you'll be watching them most of the time.Death to Spies Demo - screenshot #4

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