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Perform a variety of bike tricks and tackle tricky environments in order to become a freestyle legend

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Although bikes may not be as fast as motorcycles or cars, they can be just as dangerous, especially in the case of freestyle events that require the bikers to perform wild stunts at dizzying heights. However, Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX takes things one step further and provides you with even crazier challenges, which include sliding on power cables and jumping from one building to the other.

Crazy stunts and plenty of falls

To start off with, the career mode provides you with a series of challenges, which gradually get more and more difficult as you advance through the levels. Although at first you have to perform basic 360 degree turns in the air or do a backflip, the situation quickly escalates and you soon have to jump over moving trains or spin your bike a number of times while in the air.

The game provides you with many different locations, all of which are unlocked as you complete the challenges that are available in each of the already available stages. On the other hand, each level has more than one series of challenges, depending on whether you want to unlock better bikes as well. Hence, even the first stage can be quite difficult to complete entirely.

Unlock better bikes and more riders

Beside the tracks, there are also a multitude of different bikes available, all of which come with better attributes that can help you pull off more daring stunts. Speaking of which, the tricks can be performed by hitting the right combination of keys, which means that you have to be quite fast and always ready to recover from a fall, since the stunts hinder your ability to land properly in most cases.

In addition, you can also unlock more famous bikers to play with, some of which give you the ability to perform unique stunts. Moreover, although the game might show its age a bit when it comes to visuals, the experience has remained unchanged, since the graphic quality is good enough not to distract you from the actual gameplay.

A fun game that quickly gets you hooked

All in all, Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX is a game that gets very frustrating after a certain point, you it is also very rewarding and it keeps you entertained for quite a long time, especially if you do not back down from a challenge.

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on November 1st, 2014
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX DemoDave Mirra Freestyle BMX DemoDave Mirra Freestyle BMX DemoDave Mirra Freestyle BMX DemoDave Mirra Freestyle BMX DemoDave Mirra Freestyle BMX Demo

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