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Duel with your friends using colorful lightsabers and try to defeat your opponents in style

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Most children imagined themselves wielding a lightsaber and being a Jedi, because it’s a job that looks cool and probably puts you in a variety of exciting situations. However, laser-powered swords are not yet feasible, regardless of how much money we throw at scientists. Hence, it’s either toys or video games, because human imagination can take care of the rest.

Duel with your best friend over the Internet

Cybersword Duels is probably not what people have in mind when they imagine a lightsaber fight, but it at least features colorful swords that can be smashed against each other. The game is still in the early development stage, though, so it barely has any content to keep the monotony away. In fact, you can see everything there is to see in under a minute.

The entire game is basically two lightsabers suspended in midair, and you get to control one of them. You can use the mouse to swing the sword around, as well as to try and stab an invisible foe in front of you. The range of moves and tricks is very restrained and the controls are most uncomfortable, which means that you cannot perform fast swings or anything too fancy.

Create and join online matches

Interestingly enough, the game includes a solo mode, but not an AI. Hence, you basically just fight against a mirrored version of yourself, with no chance to win or take the opponent by surprise. On the other hand, you can create an online game and connect with another player from anywhere in the world. To do that, on the other hand, the other player must know your IP address.

As far as the technical aspect is concerned, there’s nothing fancy about the graphics engine, except maybe for the lightsabers. They are pretty blocky and lack any kind of special effect, but you can at least change their color at the press of a button, which is quite neat. Other than that, the environments are dull and rain is the only other element worth mentioning in this regard.

A nice initiative that seems to have been abandoned at birth

While no one can deny the coolness of lightsabers, Cybersword Duels is not really a game and it can never keep two people busy or entertained for more than a minute or two. Hence, you might want to wait for something better instead, or go back to the Jedi Knight franchise.

Cybersword Duels Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 28th, 2015
Cybersword Duels Demo - You can play against yourself, or join a multiplayer match over the Internet.Cybersword Duels Demo - The most you can do is smash the two swords together.Cybersword Duels Demo - You can see the current framerate and keep up with the distance between the swords.Cybersword Duels Demo - screenshot #4Cybersword Duels Demo - screenshot #5

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