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Jump millions of years into the past and walk the Earth back when dinosaurs ruled it

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As everyone is very aware by now, thanks to science documentaries and Steven Spielberg, the planet was ruled by dinosaurs a few million years ago. Their impressive size and massive teeth practically guaranteed them a safe spot at the top of the food chain for a very long time, and it took an asteroid to bring them down, along with almost everything else.

Explore a prehistoric environment and watch your back

Crynosaurs is an attempt to provide you with a chance to roam together with the big lizards and try to survive an encounter with one of them, in an open-world environment with zero limitations. Bold as it may seem, the idea is not at all new, and it is still too early to tell whether it’s going to stick this time around or fall into obscurity like the rest of the attempts.

As previously mentioned, the free roaming sandbox environment is the game's biggest attraction, since it promises freedom and the ability to make your Jurassic Park dreams become reality. Naturally, your character is equipped with a variety of weapons to confront the dinosaurs, but the game is not yet polished enough to make the encounters worthwhile, nor realistic.

Excellent graphics and smooth controls

Since this is a classic first-person shooter when it comes to the perspective and the player movement, everything should be familiar and intuitive for the fans of the genre. Not only that, but you can easily check up on the control layout and change whatever doesn’t sit well with you. In this regard, the game is quite well-polished for an indie production.

Speaking of which, probably the greatest feat of the game is the fact that it uses CryENGINE 3 to drive the graphics, which means it’s as incredible as you would expect. The special effects and the textures are phenomenal, as are the shadows and the shading of the models. Naturally, the animations are a bit clunky, but that is only because the game has a lot to go still.

A good starting point for something great

All things considered, Crynosaurs has all the makings of something with real potential. However, it is still way too early to expect anything and the game is too empty to make any assumptions yet. Hence, it is worth watching out for, but you shouldn’t get your hopes up either.

Crynosaurs Tech Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on April 27th, 2015
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