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Experience new ways to total your car in this entertaining arcade racing game that focuses on your ability to cause havoc

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Racing games are usually based on your ability to outsmart your competitors when it comes to car control, as well as doing your best to avoid slamming your ride into the environment. Crashday, on the other hand, throws these concepts out the window and encourages you to put everything you've got into trying to total your car in the most creative way you can come up with.

A multitude of carnage-oriented game modes

In case you think the crashes are optional, the available game modes will quickly change your mind. Thus, you can choose to take part in stunt shows, which are basically huge playgrounds you can use to achieve ridiculous stunts and impress the crowd to score points, as well as wrecking matches, where guns are mounted on the cars and you have to eliminate your opponents through brute force. In addition, a few other modes are included as well, such as hold the flag, bomb run and test drive.

Obviously, all the destruction would be in vain if you couldn't see the results reflected on your car. To that affect, a very detailed damage system has been implemented, which enables you to see each piece of your ride fly off or get scratched with every impact. The physics engine is also capable of maintaining some form of realism throughout the game, although it is a much more forgiving version than the one we are used to in the day-to-day life.

Capture the best moments and re-watch your epic crashes

Another interesting feature that can be used throughout the game is the freeze frame option, which enables you to instantly stop the action and take a look at your car in mid air, or when it is just about to hit something. In addition, you can also zoom and rotate around it to get the best angle, which allows you to capture the desired screenshots and share them with your friends.

In case your friends want in on the fun, Crashday provides you with a fully-featured multiplayer component as well, which includes all the previously mentioned modes from singleplayer. This way, the true purpose of the game can be achieved, which is nothing but pure entertainment and fun involving cars, crazy stunts and mayhem.

A fun and entertaining arcade racing game

Crashday may not adhere to the usual racing sims standards, but it does not need to do so, especially when the amount of fun it provides reaches such high levels. Thus, in case you ever feel the need to total a bunch of cars, this game is exactly what you are looking for.

Crashday Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 10th, 2014
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