Crash Time

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An arcade-style racing game that has you chasing traffic offenders and performing wild driving stunts

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In order to receive a driver's license, you usually have to prove that you are able to drive without endangering the nearby traffic or yourself. Basically, crashing is a thing you want to avoid doing whenever you are driving, which can be achieved by respecting the speed limit and the traffic rules.

Perform daring stunts and crashes

In Crash Time, on the other hand, going as fast as the car allows you to is practically encouraged, since that is the only way you get to keep up with the game and achieve the stunts that are required of you. The story revolves around Cobra 11, which is a private police force that deals with traffic violators and basically does the same thing as them in order to bring them to justice.

As such, most of the missions require you to pursue offenders and ram them into submissions by repeatedly crashing into their car, or by keeping them in one place for a certain amount of time. In addition, other objectives involve following suspects to certain locations, or even jumping from one moving train to the other, as well as a variety of other such stunts that make the gameplay very entertaining.

Solve cases and unlock more vehicles

Obviously, the missions must follow a certain logic, even if the actual objectives do not, most of the time. Thus, Cobra 11 undertakes a variety of cases from the police and you have to investigate them, by following clues and exploring the city in the search for any evidence about the ones responsible. Whenever you complete one of these cases, you are rewarded with new vehicles, which obviously increase in power and speed.

In order to provide you with a believable sense of speed, the game uses a variety of special effects, including depth of field and motion blur, which is makes the landscape around you seem to stretch. In addition, the vehicles are highly detailed and the handling is more than adequate for this type of gameplay, even if it basically disregards every law of physics in existance.

A highly entertaining racing game

In the end, Crash Time achieves its purpose and provides you with a very entertaining racing experience that keeps you playing for hours at end. Thus, if you are not interested in realism and you just want to go as fast as you can, this is a game that does exactly that and nothing else.

Crash Time was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on October 3rd, 2014
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