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Be a part of a tactical assault unit that who's mission is to take out any terrorist force.

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Tactical shooters may not be as popular as the regular kind of killing fests, but there have been a few titles that shook the industry over the years. Conflict: Desert Storm can be considered one of them and this second installment comes to build on its reputation, by greatly improving the overall mechanics and providing you with even more options to take down the bad guys.

Use teamwork to thin the enemy lines

Simply called Conflict: Desert Storm II, this new episode resumes the story from where it was left off at the end of the first game. This means that the action takes place in Baghdad and you must confront Saddam's forces once more, as well as put an end to his reign by destroying key objectives throughout the main story line, including oil fields and dangerous chemical weapons.

The team is formed out of the same same people you may have grown accustomed to in the first installment, with Paul Foley, David Jones, John Bradley and Mick Connors putting their abilities to good use once more. As previously, each individual has his own specialty, whether it's demolitions, heavy weapons or the ability to call down an airstrike when the team is in dire need of support against superior enemy numbers.

Slow, but captivating gameplay

Since most of the mechanics have been kept intact, the game plays out almost exactly the same as its predecessor, with you having control over all four soldiers at the same time. Thanks to this, you are able to control each one and position them as you see fit on the battlefield. Naturally, breaking off the team and mindlessly shooting your way through the missions won't work out too well for you, especially when you stumble upon heavily fortified positions that require special attention from the entire squad.

Although the environment is mostly sand and look-alike buildings, the graphics have been improved a bit, with much more convincing character animations and additional particles to make the fights feel more real. You may, however, stumble upon some control issues when it comes to handling the soldiers, but they are not too serious and they can easily be fixed by accessing the game's settings panel.

An improved enemy and teammate AI

To conclude with, Conflict: Desert Storm II is a real tactical delight that can be fully enjoyed by anyone who isn't in a hurry to clear the levels with the minigun. Thus, with a little dedication, you can completely lose yourself for hours inside the game, especially since you can always replay it and use different strategies.

Conflict: Desert Storm II Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 24th, 2014
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