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A stealth-based tactical game that gives you control over a team of commandos you have to keep alive across a wide range of missions

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History taught us that large armies and heavy machinery are not always required to win wars, if you know how to infiltrate your enemy's base and take him by surprise. Thus, spies have achieved great feats with nothing but their wits, especially when it comes to stealing information and disabling vital security systems.

Control a group of specialized commandos

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines aims to give you the thrill of sneaking around heavily guarded bases with just a handful of well-trained specialists, in order to disrupt communications, steal documents and generally making life difficult for the enemy. The action takes place in the second world war, with the nazis playing the villain once again.

Your role is to coordinate a group of commandos and achieve various objectives, using every character's special abilities to do so. Among the soldiers put at your disposal, you can find a marine, a green beret, a doctor and a few other, each one of which brings their own skill set to the table that makes them indispensable. In addition, they have to work together to complete the missions, by using their abilities in tandem to take the enemy soldiers by surprise and get out alive.

Use the environment to your advantage to remain hidden

Unlike the usual way you may be used to go about eliminating the enemy, you most definitely cannot apply the same tactics in Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines. Your soldiers may be well trained, but they still fall very quickly when faced with a sub-machine gun. Hence, stealth techniques must be employed instead, which means that you have to sneak around and avoid making contact with foes unless it is really necessary.

Even so, the enemy is always in greater numbers, so any confrontation must be carefully planned ahead if you want to get out alive. To achieve this, you can follow patrol patterns and set up traps, as well as ambush a couple of guards at a time without attracting too much attention. Furthermore, the soldiers can detect you rather easily if you leave yourself exposed, or if you make too much noise moving around.

A unique experience gaming experience based on stealth and tactics

Despite the fact that it may get you a while before you get used to the way things function in the Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines universe, once you learn how to handle yourself, the game becomes highly entertaining and addictive, especially since there are many ways to complete the missions. Thus, you can replay them multiple times and keep finding out new things about your commandos.

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 5th, 2014
Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines Demo - Before entering the game, you might want to change some graphic settings.Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines Demo - It is imperative that you always know where the enemy is looking so that you can make your moves safely.Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines Demo - Although thy patrol in groups, taking on an enemy squad is not as hard as you might think.Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines Demo - screenshot #4Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines Demo - screenshot #5Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines Demo - screenshot #6

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