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Colin McRae: DIRT is set to be the most diverse and exhilarating off-road racing experience ever

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Colin McRae Rally is one of the most prestigious rally simulators out there, thanks to its realistic depiction of the sport and the extensive options regarding the set up of the cars before each race. Now, the Colin McRae: DIRT installment aims to enhance the experience even further, by adding a variety of new game modes and car types you can take for a spin on a multitude of new tracks.

Compete in world championship rally tournaments

As with every title in the series, DIRT allows you to take part in the official rally championships, including the 2WD, 4WD, classic and RWD competitions. Thus, by unlocking each stage, you can get the chance to drive more and more powerful cars, some of which make staying on the track very difficult if you do not possess the necessary skills to steer it correctly around corners.

But, what makes this new game special is the fact that it also includes a couple of other competitions and game modes. Thus, you can compete in tournaments featuring Dakar trucks, as well as rally cross events and various other off-road challenges. Thanks to this, DIRT brings much more to the table than the previous titles did, especially when it comes to diversity and the fun factor.

Realistic damage model and high-end graphic engine

The game features massive improvements when it comes to the graphic engine as well, which now allows it to feature a more realistic damage model and much more special effects to enhance its overall look and feel. Hence, every wrong turn can cost you a part of your ride, while a more serious collision usually means total destruction and you are unable to continue the race.

Sound-wise, there are new engine noises and a wide variety of other improvements that make the vehicles sound closer to reality, as well as new adrenaline-inducing music in the game's menu. Obviously, the fun can be extended into multiplayer as well, where you can compete with people from all around the world in the same entertaining game modes and a few other, slightly wilder events.

The ultimate rally racing experience

In the end, Colin McRae: DIRT includes everything you might possibly ask for from a rally simulator, including more events, a variety of cars and jaw-dropping graphics to top it all off. Furthermore, it also keeps the classic Colin McRae feeling, since you can still compete in the usual tournaments and take advantage of the improved mechanics on the same old tracks.

Colin McRae: DIRT Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 13th, 2014
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