Clan Lord

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A 2D isometric MMORPG that takes you through a magical land filled with monsters and mysteries

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Although MMORPGs are all about getting together with players from all over the world and being part of the same universe a few hours a day, almost all of the games are centered around your ability to kill everyone you meet, as long as he or she is not part of the same faction as you. There are, however, games that emphasize on the participants working together, rather than dueling with every chance they get.

A fantastical world filled with dangerous creatures

Clan Lord uses this concept to create a more peaceful and forgiving game world, at least when it comes to player interaction and the way they work together toward a common goal. Thus, while the environment is crawling with vicious creatures that attack you on sight, there is no PVP aspect to talk about, except for some specially designed areas, where you can sometimes try out your warrior skills against the other members.

As in every other MMO, you start off by creating a character, in order to differentiate yourself from the other players and choose your own path in the adventure that lies ahead. The character creation wizard is a bit different that what you may be accustomed to, however, since you choose your race, class and appearance by simply walking through certain doors, rather than using sliders and buttons. In addition, there aren't too many options to talk about, since you can either be a fighter, a mystic or a healer.

Isometric graphics and point-and-click gameplay

To navigate the world, all you have to do is point onto the desired location and click, which makes exploration very easy and straightforward. However, the fact that the battles require you to repeatedly bump into monsters in order to do damage might be a bit anti-climactic, but the overall experience is what matters in the end. Naturally, every creature you kill gives you experience points, which can be used to improve your skills.

As far as the lore is concerned, there are many characters that have interesting things to tell you as you progress through the game, as well as a rich lore behind the story. Religion and various gods are present as well, with the Darshak cult being one of the prime enemies you have to face off against, beside the mindless critters. With a bit of help from the other players, however, no task should be too difficult to undertake, although it can be quite frustrating to play on your own.

A small, but dedicated community

In the end, Clan Lord is all about interaction and player-driven content, which makes it a good place to make new friends and have some fun in the progress. The graphics may be outdated, but they relay the message quite well and enough effort went into making the game world look as inviting as possible.

Clan Lord was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 24th, 2015
Clan Lord - To get the hang of the game, it starts off slowly with a tutorial.Clan Lord - Choosing your race and class is done by walking through specific doors.Clan Lord - Like every other fantasy world, the gods are very important.Clan Lord - screenshot #4Clan Lord - screenshot #5

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