Chicken Shoot

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A simple shooting game that allows you to shoot chickens and reach the highscore

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Video games feature more and more mature content, some of which is designed to leave an imprint on your memory for a long time, just like movies or books. However, you sometimes just want to have some innocent fun, preferably without complex plot twists or psychological elements to press on your consciousness.

Target practice on annoying chicken

Chicken Shoot is a classical video game that bundles as much fun as possible into a colorful and simple environment, in which you have to shoot down a bunch of chickens in order to score points and unlock more advanced levels. Thus, by using your mouse to aim and shoot, you can practice your accuracy on a wide variety of chicken types, all of which take advantage of various feats to make your job more difficult.

In order to bring variety to the gameplay, some of the critters offer more points than others, whether it's due to their size, speed or special characteristics. Hence, chicken flying faster across the screen are worth more points than the usual ones, as do those that take cover behind various objects. In addition, some of them also throw eggs at you, which also offer extra points if they are shot down before they reach you.

Double the fun in multiplayer mode

There are two game modes in singleplayer, which are “Classic” and “Arcade”. Depending on your preferences, each one has its ups and downs. The Classic mode includes a time limit, which enables you to acquire the highest score you can before the timer runs out. At the end of the round, any highscore can be saved under your nickname, along with the other top scores from previous sessions.

In case you want to share the fun with a friend, the game also allows you to play it in multiplayer, which features the exact same mechanics, only with more than one player in the game. Thus, hilarity ensues and you can enjoy countless hours of entertainment along your friends, as well as a healthy dose of frustration on higher difficulty levels.

A fun and enjoyable casual experience

Although the game may not provide you with state-of-the-art gameplay mechanics and realistic graphics, it does feature hand-drawn animations and refined controls, which is more than you could ask from a game meant to be played for fun in your spare time. In addition, the multiplayer increases its appeal by a lot, as do the multiple difficulty levels and wide selection of stages.

Chicken Shoot was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 8th, 2014
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