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Get behind the doors of a real-like garage and see the place where the magic happens!

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Although cars may be coated in protective plastic and Aluminium nowadays, that doesn't mean they are easy to fix, not by a long shot. In truth, the number of parts available in a car has substantially increased over the years, since more and more complicated systems needed to be implemented in order keep the vehicles running accordingly.

Start your own car service business

Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 is a game that gives you a look inside the life of a service mechanic and what it takes to dismantle and repair a broken vehicle. Even if it barely covers the very basics of a car composition, the game can give you a sense of what lies underneath the hood of a regular vehicle, starting from the parts that hold the tires connected to the chassis, all the way to the oil filters and exhaust pipes.

Naturally, your job is to tackle various clients that stumble into the service with a broken car, some of who do not even know what the problem is in the first place, they just want you to fix it. To begin with, you first have to examine the parts that might be responsible for the symptoms, or even take the vehicle for a test drive, in order to avoid dismantling the entire car just to find the responsible component.

Impressive graphics, repetitive gameplay

Beside the fact that you can buy new components either new or used from the Internet, it is also possible to repair the parts, although the tools in your service only allows it for certain parts. Speaking of which, as you keep on advancing through the career mode, better and better services become available, which offer you more advanced equipment and plenty of space to do your thing.

As previously mentioned, the graphic quality is quite impressive, especially when it comes to the cars and the components that form them. However, the graphics become less and less important as you keep on playing and start getting very bored, since the number of components that can be changed is rather small and you quickly go through all the possible repairs. Thus, although the game can be played in endless mode and keep fixing vehicles for as long as you want, you surely won't feel the need to do so after a few short hours.

An interesting concept that needs a lot more content

In the end, Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 does come with some very interesting ideas, but it also needs to captivate the attention for more than half an hour. As of now, the small number of different missions and the repetitive gameplay is definitely a problem, especially in the endless mode.

Car Mechanic Simulator was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on November 11th, 2014
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