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Get behind the wheel of a variety of buses and safely take passengers to their destination

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Bus driver may not be the most sought after job, but it is definitely not an easy thing to do, especially since you basically have the life of a few dozen passengers in your hands at all times. Thus, you need to have a lot of experience in order to become one, as well as be aware of every traffic law in existence, to avoid putting your passengers or the nearby traffic at risk.

Cruise around town and respect traffic rules

Bus Driver provides you with the opportunity to see whether you are able to rise up to the challenge of people transportation, by allowing you to take on a variety of routes and bus models out of a spin on the streets of the city. Thus, from station to station, you pick up or drop off passengers and rush to get to the next stop in time, all the while trying to avoid making driving mistakes or crashing the bus altogether.

To increase the challenge, you have to respect a bunch of rules while driving. For example, you are required to use the blinkers each time you change the lanes, as well as stop at red lights and be gentle with the breaks, in order to keep the people comfortable throughout the ride. Each time you make a mistake, points are subtracted for your overall score, while the harsher accidents also cause passenger unhappiness.

A multitude of buses and routes to choose from

As expected, you can get behind the wheel of a large number of vehicles, ranging from common school buses, all the way to London's famous red double-deckers, which are painfully hard to steer in tighter turns. Thus, depending on the chosen bus, you also get to run on a variety of routes, some of which even feature long runs with just two stops to make the entire way.

To make matters more interesting, weather effects have been added into the mix, which affect the handling of the vehicles. Heavy snows impair your ability to break properly, as does the wet asphalt under a heavy rain. All of these small things really add to the overall experience and you do get hooked after a few minutes, especially since not every bus is available from the start and you have to work your way toward more special rides.

A simple game that quickly becomes addictive

Whether you are looking to spend a few minutes in a relaxing way, or you really enjoy driving, Bus Driver provides you with everything you need to satisfy every curiosity. Be warned, though, since you can quickly lose track of time and spend more than you would expect inside the game.

Bus Driver Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 25th, 2014
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