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A fun and challenging bowling simulator that provides you with multiple game modes and a realistic physics engine

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Bowling is a rather hard-to-master game, especially if you intend on becoming a pro and compete in national championships. Even if the premise seems simple enough, since you only have to knock down a few pins using a ball, a lot of factors contribute to the trajectory of the said ball, not to mention the angle and the speed at which it hits the pins.

Compete in bowling tournaments

Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling is a fun video game in which you get to play bowling without having to worry about special shoes or the hourly fee. Moreover, after you get the hang of the sport and you are able to constantly pull good shots, you can start competing in world-renowned tournaments and go head-to-head with the best out there, in an attempt to cement your name in history as a skilled bowler.

There are many other game modes to choose from, however, in case you are not ready for the big league just yet. An exhibition match can be the perfect choice for those who just want a quick distraction, although it can also be used to play with friends from the same computer, given the fact that you can add up to four human players. The other game modes include Skins, Career and Cosmic Bowling, which is as intriguing as it sounds.

Rusty graphics, but a decent physics engine

In order to make the shots harder to master, the game allows you to add spin to your ball before you launch it. However, you also have to use your reflexes to determine the speed and the accuracy of the shot, by performing a right-click at the appropriate times. While this may be annoying in the beginning, it quickly grows on you and you soon learn to appreciate this gimmick, since the matches would be much more boring without it.

As far as technical aspect of the game is concerned, the graphics are pretty nice, although the age show's off a bit and you might have trouble getting used to the static sprites that form the crowd. However, the physics engine is quite realistic and convincing, since the pins react accordingly to being hit and they topple over as you would expect them to.

Addictive gameplay and plenty of content

In the end, thanks to the multitude of tracks, venues and tournaments, not to mention the thirteen famous bowlers included, Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling should provide you with countless hours of fun and entertainment. In addition, you can also create your own players from scratch and start a more personal career mode.

Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on January 6th, 2015
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