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Test your architectural skills in this physics-driven game that allows you to build bridges and put them to the test

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Although some buildings look simple to a casual observer, the intricacies involved in designing any kind of structure are never simple. The task is that much difficult when the said buildings must serve the public, because even the tiniest mistake can put lives at risk. Hence, a lot of testing and analysis is required before such structures are approved and deemed safe.

Build you own bridges from scratch

Bridge Project is a fun physics-driven game, with no real gameplay other than the design interface and a simulation module that runs without your input anyway. However, the editor is tons of fun to toy around with, because it allows you to put your wildest dreams into practice, at least when it comes to architecture. Not only that, but you can also test them in real world conditions, to see how they would fare.

To begin with, there are a multitude of environments you can choose to work with, including rural landscapes, cities, and even canyons, if you are up for a challenge. Each type of environment comes with multiple maps as well, so you can change scenery whenever you feel like it. In addition, it is also possible to create your own maps, if you are keen on reproducing certain landscapes inside the game.

Plenty of stress tests to evaluate your design

Building the bridge is quite simple and straightforward, at least when it comes to the interface. Making it stay upright and support the vehicles passing on it is an entirely different story, however, so you will have to practice a bit in order to get it right. You can use a variety of materials during the construction phase, including steel and wooden beams, cables, as well as concrete for the actual vehicle surface.

Once you are confident in your design, you can start the simulation and see whether it can deal with the usual situations. You can subject it to small vehicles, trucks, trains, and even tanks, all of which apply a certain force on the bridge. Special stress tests are available as well including earthquakes and strong winds, which are much more difficult to prepare against.

Many hours of fun packed in a friendly interface

All things considered, Bridge Project is the type of game that keeps you occupied for hours at end, even if the core concept is rather simple. The sandbox nature of the experience and the challenge of creating something unique are what keep you going back for more, especially if you enjoy seeing a nice physics engine in action.

Bridge Project Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on March 27th, 2015
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