BloodLust - Vampire ShadowHunter Demo 16.8B

An action-oriented RPG that throws into a dark and conflict-ridden world, populated by vicious vampires and various other creatures of the night
BloodLust - Vampire ShadowHunter Demo
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Vampires have captured the attention of basically everyone in the last few years, thanks to the multitude of books, games and movies that toyed with the idea of powerful creatures that feed on human blood. However, each new release features a slightly different take on the subject, whether it's the way vampires are affected by light, or their ability to socialize and form societies.

Explore a dangerous world and advance your bloodline

BloodLust – Vampire ShadowHunter is an action-oriented RPG game that tells the tale of a lost city that's controlled by an Emperor know as Ranior, who holds reign over every vampire clan out there. Your role is to infiltrate one of these clans and bring Ranior down, in order to end the tyranny and liberate your kin, or maybe take his place, if you so desire.

Since the game is basically a third-person hack & slash title, you get to use the standard controls in order to move and orient yourself around the city, as well as attack the creatures that attempt to stop you. Naturally, since you are a vampire, you also need to feed from time to time, which in turn extends your “bloodline” and takes away a bit of what's left of your humanity. Despite that, you get additional help in your quest each time you turn someone, since they can be used in battle.

Choose from three classes and level up your character

There are three main classes you can choose from when you first create the character, such as Warrior, Criminal and Witch. As you might expect, the witch is more prolific with magic spells, while the warrior can wield better weapons and the criminal is able to use finesse and speed to kill his targets. Thanks to the various stats that can be improved each time you gain enough experience and the large array of skills available, you shouldn't run out of new things to try out over the course of the game.

Great emphasis is put on joining a faction as you start completing quests, although you can play for multiple sides at once and betray all of them in the end, so you are offered with plenty of freedom in this regard. As far as the technical part is concerned, the Unreal Engine 3 does its job and display a truly wonderful game world, although the dark kind of leaves you unable to see too much of it most of the time.

An interesting title that keeps on improving

In the end, it is worth nothing that BloodLust – Vampire ShadowHunter is continuously being fixed and improved by the developers, in order to provide you with a smooth and pleasant experience. Moreover, new things are always added, which should give you plenty of gameplay time over the course of the main quest, as well as in the case of any side missions you might stumble upon.

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BloodLust - Vampire ShadowHunter Demo
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What's New in version 6.8B
  • New features:
  • Knockout
  • More secret areas
  • Better combat
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10 Screenshots
BloodLust - Vampire ShadowHunter DemoBloodLust - Vampire ShadowHunter DemoBloodLust - Vampire ShadowHunter DemoBloodLust - Vampire ShadowHunter DemoBloodLust - Vampire ShadowHunter DemoBloodLust - Vampire ShadowHunter DemoBloodLust - Vampire ShadowHunter DemoBloodLust - Vampire ShadowHunter DemoBloodLust - Vampire ShadowHunter Demo

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Bloodlust - Vampire ShadowHunter is a third-person hack & slash that allows you to choose from three different classes...

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