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Play as the Soviets, Germans or the US in this tactical strategy game set in the World War II

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The second World War has been analyzed and documented countless times, especially since photography was already advanced enough to capture the moments in great detail. As such, a lot of simulations and reenactments took place in various forms, whether to present the events to the public, or to imagine a different outcome for the entire war.

Choose a side and end the war on your terms

In Blitzkrieg II, you are allowed to rewrite the entire course of events that took place from 1939 till 1945, by choosing between the Germans, Soviets and the US forces. After that, you clash with the other two factions in battle and win or lose scenarios over the course of an action-packed campaign, which takes you through famous battles all over the Europe, Northern Africa and even the jungles of the Asian Pacific.

Since the series is famous for the incredible amount of tactical options that are put at your disposal, this second title does not disappoint either. Hence, you can coordinate your troops on the battlefield in any way you can imagine, as well as devise strategies and come up with foolproof plans to defeat your enemies and complete the objectives scattered throughout the missions.

Authentic weapons and machinery

Weapons are arguably the most most important part of the war, since that is why all the soldiers carry one. To increase the level of realism, Blitzkrieg II introduced even more authentic weapons and machinery into the game, including tanks, railroad guns and the infamous V-2 ballistic missiles the Germans used to terrify the entire Europe.

The 3D engine is as good looking as ever, with new capabilities and improved special effects to render the large number of units that are visible at once on the screen. In addition, the camera can be freely moved around the battlefield and you can even zoom into the action, to get a more personal inquiry on the drama that is taking place down on the ground.

The ultimate WWII strategy experience

On a closing note, Blitzkrieg II manages to keep its charm and provide strategy enthusiasts with a healthy dose of tactics. In addition, the variety of new scenarios and units should be enough to keep you entertain for at least a few dozen hours, as well as extended through the multiplayer mode.

Blitzkrieg II Single-Player Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 24th, 2014
Blitzkrieg II Single-Player Demo - You can call reinforcements to help you out during the fights.Blitzkrieg II Single-Player Demo - The objectives vary from mission to mission, but they usually involve destruction of some kind.Blitzkrieg II Single-Player Demo - The town suffers greatly after each battle, as do the buildings that form it.Blitzkrieg II Single-Player Demo - screenshot #4Blitzkrieg II Single-Player Demo - screenshot #5Blitzkrieg II Single-Player Demo - screenshot #6Blitzkrieg II Single-Player Demo - screenshot #7

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