Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia

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An hidden-object type of game that lets you play the role of a curious tourist in Australia

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Being a tourist is no easy task, especially when you happen to visit a city with a lot of things that are worth seeing, such as Sydney in Australia. Thus, all of your time is spent traveling from one attraction to the other, taking picture, all while remembering to enjoy the landscapes and make some memories as well.

A hidden object game with a twist

Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia is a fun little game that tells the story of a family that goes on vacation in the beautiful city of Sydney, with the sole purpose of visiting famous landmarks and relax. Thus, grandma, the parents, the children and even some animals are all part of the crew and you can choose the desired character to play as at the start of the game.

To start off with, most of the game revolves around your ability to find hidden objects on static backgrounds, which are obviously filled with all sorts of ridiculous things that should be there at all. Whether you need to find the toothbrush in the railway station, or a sheep on the sea, your eyes can sometimes play tricks on you, since most of the objects are quite well disguised to look like something else.

Enjoy a variety of mini-games

In between the hidden object games, you are given the change to score more points by participating in a wide array of other mini-games, all of which involve either logic, good reflexes, or just plain enthusiasm. These range from common “whack-a-mole” variations, to puzzle games and even educational games that help you improve your perception skills.

Naturally, the graphic quality is more than pleasant, especially since every background is static and a lot of detail went into representing the objects on screen, in order to make it difficult for you to find the ones you are looking for. In addition, the characters are nicely animated and there's plenty of wacky music to keep you company as you go through the levels.

The perfect distraction from more serious matters

Although the difficulty level is not that high, Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia can wrinkle your brain a little, but it is incredibly fun and relaxing, regardless of whether you manage to find the objects or not. Moreover, you can at least have fun with the other mini-games, in case you get frustrated at some point.

Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on November 6th, 2014
Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia - The levels are crowded with a variety of objects.Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia - After you find all of them, you get to see how many points you scored.Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia - Most of the mini games are fun and adorable.Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia - screenshot #4Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia - screenshot #5Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia - screenshot #6Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia - screenshot #7

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