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The Nazis are up to no good yet again, so you need to pick up a rifle and stop them from causing any more trouble

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As a rule of thumb, video games can either be serious, or try to poke fun at various subjects, while maintaining certain key elements intact, to allow the players to enjoy the experience unhindered. On the other hand, there are bad games as well, which lack any kind of polish or purpose and they can sometimes be rather difficult to distinguish from a joke.

Kill Nazis and protect the world

Battle for Freedom is the kind of game that’s probably just awful, but when take a better look at it, you start thinking that no game can be this bad, unless the developers genuinely tried to make everything as stupid as possible. In any case, it doesn’t matter which answer is the correct one, because if it’s a joke, it’s a bad one and it’s certainly not worth the bandwidth to download it.

The game is a first-person shooter set during the second World War, which means that the Nazis are the enemies and you must kill each and every one of them you happen to stumble across. This might constitute the first issue, because foes can blend in with the environment, become invisible, or simply run through solid walls, which makes it difficult to shoot them.

Horrendous level design and non-existent fun factor

No matter how you look at it, the level design is by far one of the most atrocious creations ever to dirty your computer monitor. Some of the textures are actually JPEGs of Hitler or random dog faces, while the environments themselves are nothing but walls that flicker and become invisible every once in a while. There are no special effects to talk about, nor artificial intelligence, voice acting, or particles.

But above all, the lack of fun is what hurts the most, because that leaves you with absolutely no reason to give the game a try. Moreover, in order for all of these issues to be fixed, everything needs to be scrapped, because it would take more work to improve on it that it would take to come up with a whole new game instead. On the other hand, it is difficult to see how the product at hand might serve as experience for the ones responsible for it.

Plenty of reasons to keep your distance

Looking at a few pictures of Battle for Freedom should be enough for everyone to reach a conclusion and avoid giving it a try for themselves. There is absolutely nothing worthwhile to be gained, nor is it a good joke that can squeeze a few laughs here and there, given the fact that it is impossible to play it properly in the first place, due to bugs and errors.

Battle for Freedom Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on March 6th, 2015
Battle for Freedom DemoBattle for Freedom DemoBattle for Freedom DemoBattle for Freedom DemoBattle for Freedom DemoBattle for Freedom DemoBattle for Freedom DemoBattle for Freedom DemoBattle for Freedom Demo

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