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Take the role of Batman and save Gotham City from a new wave of terror caused by the usual villains

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Batman is one of the most beloved superheroes of all time, especially since he appeared in countless movies, TV series and video games across a few decades now. His unparalleled sense of justice and impressive gadget arsenal always result into an action-packed adventure, especially since there are quite a few villains spread around Gotham city that have nothing better to do than spread a little chaos around.

Gotham City is under threat once again

Batman: Vengeance provides you with the ability to become the Dark Knight yourself and spread your own brand of justice across the crime-ridden Gotham City, as well as solve a strange case of disappearing persons and fight toe-to-toe with the famous Mr. Freeze. In addition, you also get full control over Batman's arsenal, including his trademark batarangs, grapple hook and various other gadgets to aid you put bad guys into their place.

The main story line does not lack depth, since it includes a decent number of characters and quite the intriguing plot, as well as a few twists and turns to keep you playing. You are joined by the trusty Batgirl as your omnipresent assistant, who keeps feeding you information about the villains you are up against and various bits and pieces regarding the locations you visit. Furthermore, Alfred is also there to offer you guidance and advice when it comes to making full use of your equipment.

A mix of third-person and first-person action

When it comes to gameplay, Batman: Vengeance employs a weird combination of action-adventure and platformer-based levels. Thus, it enables you to use the third-person perspective when you are exploring and jumping from one place to the other and the first-person point of view when you need to use one of your gadgets. This can be a little difficult to adjust to, especially since the third-person perspective has some camera-related issues and you might find yourself jumping into the wrong direction more than once.

Moreover, you cannot use the first-person view all the time instead, since you are unable to attack using your fists or jump. Regardless of the chosen perspective, the game does feature quite detailed 3D graphics, making it a real treat to walk around the various levels built into it. In addition, every cinematic and dialog consists of voice acting as well, which greatly adds to the overall atmosphere and helps you lose yourself in Batman's world.

Gotham's fate is in your hands yet again

All in all, Batman: Vengeance delivers the complete Batman experience, complete with sneaking around, adrenaline-inducing fights, famous villains and a chance to meet a few other beloved characters from the series. Furthermore, the story line gives you plenty to play, as well as a varied selection of locations to explore.

Batman: Vengeance Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 8th, 2014
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