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Keep the ball on track by taking advantage of inertia and advance through obstacle-ridden levels

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Puzzle games count on your ability to figure out how to overcome obstacles and advance through the levels. Depending on the type of challenge you are facing, they can also require good coordination, such is the case of physics-based games that take use a realistic engine to depict various objects and effects.

Take advantage of inertia to keep the ball on track

Ballance takes advantage of a pretty realistic physics engine in order to simulate the movements of a ball, which must be moved and kept on the tracks by you, using your keyboard to do so. Thus, the force of inertia is vital in navigating the obstacle-ridden levels, although each wrong move can mean the end of the game, which happens each time you step outside of the track.

There are also various types of balls, each one of which is made from a different material, in order to enhance certain characteristics. Hence, the concrete one can move heavier objects with its weight, but it cannot go uphill very quickly. The wooden ball, on the other hand, can easily move around faster and climb on steeper portions of the track.

Score points by picking-up objects throughout the levels

Beside the fact that you have to maintain the ball on the track, the goal of the game is to score as many points at the end of the stage. Thus, you must pick-up various objects whenever you stumble upon them, as well as move quickly to avoid losing the points by the time you reach the finish line. Beside points, you can also find devices that change the material of your ball, which can be used to work around certain obstacles.

Although the game's world is very constrained, the graphics are detailed and quite pleasant to look at, as is the background music that keeps you company. The same can be said about the controls, which can be used to control the ball and the camera, in case you need a perspective change to get a better view at the upcoming track section.

An addictive game with plenty to offer

Ballance is the type of game that catches you in its spell for hours, at least until frustration comes into play. It is, however, very well made and polished, since every gameplay mechanic works as expected and you quickly get the hang of what you have to do in order to advance, while the rest is left to your ability to take advantage of inertia.

Ballance Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 12th, 2014
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