B.A.D Battle Armor Division

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Could you survive a war in the 26th century?




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B.A.D Battle Armor Division is an action-packed Shoot'em up game in which you get to control a mass-produced humanoid robot (Battle Armor) in a never ending war on Earth and even in space.

Maneuver your Battle Armor through 16 intense levels and gain access to 17 powerful weapons and enhancements. Have fun!
Last updated on February 24th, 2013
B.A.D Battle Armor Division - Choose your loadout and board you battle armor for the next combat mission.B.A.D Battle Armor Division - Join other battle armors in their battle for supremacy.B.A.D Battle Armor Division - Destroy enemy tanks and helicopters and go head to head with their own battle armors.B.A.D Battle Armor DivisionB.A.D Battle Armor DivisionB.A.D Battle Armor Division

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