Arcade Pool II

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An accurate pool simulator that provides you with a variety of tournaments and game modes

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Although pool tables are mostly found in bars and pubs, the game itself has many rules that can be applied during the match and it requires quite a bit of skill to be played correctly. Thus, there are many professional pool players that take part in prestigious tournaments all over the world and compete for a change to win the big prize.

Play against the computer or other players

Arcade Pool II is a video game that offers you the chance to be one of these players in a virtual environment and polish your pool skills in a variety of game modes, against your friends or the AI. Thus, whether you want to play the classic 8-ball, or you are more accustomed to the 9-ball style of matches, the game lets you choose from a large collection of modes, some of which are even country-specific.

After the mode is selected, all you have to do is head into the game and start pocketing the balls. As you might have guessed, this can be achieved using the cue, which can be set up to hit the desired ball at a certain angle and even apply a spin effect on it. Furthermore, the power of the shot can be adjusted as well, depending on what you are trying to pocket and the distances involved.

Win competitions, or play for fun

As previously mentioned, you can take part in a variety of competitions inside the game, most of which pit you against better and better AI players that become more difficult to defeat toward the end of the tournament. Alternatively, you can just have some fun and play in single matches, as well as share the same session with a friend and take turns against each other.

A multiplayer mode is a available as well, which enables you to connect with other people across the Internet and take part in real online competitions. Moreover, the detailed graphics render an almost realistic pool table, as well as physically accurate cue ball movements, which enable you to employ real-world strategies in the game as well, without fearing that they will behave differently.

A good choice for pool lovers everywhere

In the end, Arcade Pool II brings together plenty of useful gameplay elements that enhance your experience and can provide you with countless hours of game time. Additionally, the possibility to play against other people over the network is a very welcomed addition, since you are no longer limited to the predictable AI players.

Arcade Pool II was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 26th, 2014
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