Angry Birds Star Wars

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The Empire's evil Pigtroopers are threatening the Universe and only the brave birds can face them!

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Developers at Rovio are constantly looking to expand their Angry Birds franchise with fresh new themes which aim to attract even more players to their fan base. Thus, the fifth game in the series adopts the path of the force through a crossover between Angry Birds and the Star Wars franchise.

The Force has new followers

The Angry Birds are up for adventure once again, and where could this new episode take us than in a galaxy far, far away, where a bunch of rebel bird forces are trying to suppress the galactic menace of the evil Pigtroopers Empire.

The original cast is back, but this time they take the role of some of the most iconic characters from the Star Wars universe, including Luke Skywalker, Obi-wan, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, R2-D2, or Darth Vader.

Following the story of the first Star Wars episodes, your journey starts on Tatooine as the game puts you at first in control of young Luke Skywalker. The mechanics are pretty much the same, you need to load your birds on the slingshot, aim and fire towards the pigtroopers while hoping to eliminate them all with as few shots as possible.

A huge variety of hilarious content

As you progress throughout the game, more unique birds will join your cause, each with their own Star Wars inspired powers. For example, while at first Luke doesn't have any powers, later on, after meeting Obi-wan, he will receive his lightsaber opening up new possibilities during gameplay.

In the same manner, many other characters will receive extra powers as you progress, constantly raising the fun factor of the game. From lightsabers and laser pistols to various force powers, Angry Birds Star Wars is exactly the game the Star Wars franchise needed.

Moreover, the multitude of stages will take you on a journey through many popular Star Wars locations, including Tatooine, Death Star, Hoth, Cloud City, or the Moon of Endor. Besides the surface of each planet, other stages will take place in space where you'll have to use planetary gravity and other tricks to fulfill your objectives.

Some levels will also contain hidden items that will further unlock bonus missions starring Boba Fett or your favorite android pair, C-3PO and R2-D2.

May the Force be with you

Angry Birds Star Wars manages to bring lots of fresh content to the table making the game even more appealing than ever. The addition of those awesome bird powers, emblematic Star Wars locations and characters, not to mention the epic boss fights, make this new installment a must play for any fan of both franchises. 

Angry Birds Star Wars was reviewed by Cosmin Anton
Last updated on August 20th, 2014
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