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A recreation of the famous Star Wars movie with funny Angry Birds characters and plenty of tricky levels

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The Angry Birds franchise became a worldwide phenomena after it was released a few years ago, due to the fact that it was easy to play, but hard to master. Moreover, the developers constantly added more levels, new scenarios and a lot of interesting birds to spice up the action, not to mention the hilarious story lines that went on in the background.

The Star Wars universe revisited

As it may be fairly obviously from the title, Angry Birds Star Wars II is the second entry in the science-fiction-inspired series, continuing the saga of the force-wielding birds. Featuring a new story and plenty of challenging levels, you must defeat the evil space pigs once more and restore order in the galaxy, even if that means throwing your comrades at the enemy.

Just like every other Angry Birds game, the purpose is quite clear and easy-to-grasp: you must use the kamikaze birds in order to destroy every pig in the level. However, the pigs are usually protected by crude buildings made out of wood, glass and rock, which can be easily toppled if you hit the right spot. In addition, all the birds have a unique ability that can come in handy, which in this case ranges from force-powered telekinesis, to cinematic light saber swings.

Smooth graphics and responsive controls

Although the games are primarily designed to be played and enjoyed on touchscreen devices, such as smartphones and tablets, it can work just as fine on PC as well. The sling can be operated quite intuitively with the help of the mouse and you can adjust the strength and the direction of the shot in a matter of seconds, depending on how experienced you are with the mechanics.

Speaking of which, the gameplay keeps its original flavor and it is as addictive and fun as it was in the beginning. The physics engine is even more refined, on the other hand, which means that every object on the screen reacts in a realistic manner to outside stimuli. Thus, you can rest assured that the buildings will go down if you hit them in the correct spot.

Enjoy the cookies on the dark side

All things considered, Angry Birds Star Wars II is exactly what you would expect it to be, especially when it comes to gameplay and visual presentation. However, whether the amount of content and innovation present in this title is worth the purchase, it all depends on how much of a Star Wars fan you are and how fast can you beat the levels.

Angry Birds Star Wars II Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on January 30th, 2015
Angry Birds Star Wars II Demo - The visual style is as representative as ever.Angry Birds Star Wars II Demo - There are plenty of chapters to play through.Angry Birds Star Wars II Demo - Each chapter begins with a short introduction concerning the background story.Angry Birds Star Wars II Demo - screenshot #4Angry Birds Star Wars II Demo - screenshot #5Angry Birds Star Wars II Demo - screenshot #6Angry Birds Star Wars II Demo - screenshot #7Angry Birds Star Wars II Demo - screenshot #8Angry Birds Star Wars II Demo - screenshot #9Angry Birds Star Wars II Demo - screenshot #10Angry Birds Star Wars II Demo - screenshot #11

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