Alien Shooter - Revisited

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Shoot lots of evil aliens and free the planet in this awesome game that features multiple modes

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Alien Shooter - Revisited is a top-down shooter launched more than a decade ago that offers you the chance to blast swarms of aliens into oblivion. You will be using a wide range of weapons throughout the game, some more spectacular than others and hopefully they will be enough to eliminate the entire alien invasion.

Equip your soldier and send him off to battle

In campaign mode, you can choose between several soldiers, male and female, which you want to use and fight and each one has his or her advantages and disadvantages. One might prove to be more resilient while another might have better aiming skills. The decision you make is important but not necessarily crucial.

To balance each one out, you have the possibility to equip them with various weapons and implants which will boost both their firepower and their physical capabilities. Each item you need has a price and to be able to purchase more powerful stuff, you have to fight the swarm for some hard earned cash.

Mind the ammo

Ammo will be your main concern in the game. At first you do get a standard gun that has infinite ammo but you can’t use it the entire game because there are some aliens which you won't even scratch when firing that weapon at them. Shooting the crates around you might reveal some hidden weapons which most of the time turn out to be way more powerful that what you have so feel free to shoot everything else along with aliens.

Apart from occasionally stumbling onto a new item that can prove handy, you will also find ammunition packs which can be collected. There are plenty all over the place but if you’re the trigger-happy kind, you’ll soon have to resort to the pistol or fists to literally beat the aliens.

Entertaining but visually unappealing

To sum things up, Alien Shooter - Revisited has too many years behind it for the graphics to be a selling point but it’s really not that bad. Sure, it looks goofy and the animations are kind of rigid but there’s something about how the aliens get blown to bits that makes it satisfying to play.

Alien Shooter - Revisited was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 19th, 2015
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