Alien Shooter 2 - Conscription

A continuation for the popular top-down shooter series, featuring a variety of new enemies and weapons to use as you see fit
Alien Shooter 2 - Conscription
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While the term hack-and-slash is technically a term reserved for RPGs, it would certainly feel like home if it were attached to the Alien Shooter series as well. The isometric perspective is there, hordes of enemies await patiently for your arrival in order to attack you all at once and you can even level-up your character as you advance through the game, which is about as close as you can get to the RPG genre without being a part of it.

The alien invasion continues as usual

Alien Shooter 2 – Conscription is a continuation for the second title in the series, although it basically starts an entirely new story and it does not really concern itself with any previous events. In addition, most of this standalone expansion pack is about improving the game as a whole, as well as adding new mechanics, weapons and levels for you to enjoy, as well as pumping the difficulty level a bit.

The plot, as you might probably expect, continues to center around the alien invasion that has taken over the Earth, by simulating a more calculated response from the military and the governments from around the world. Hence, due to the fact that every able body has been recruited by the army in order to fight the invasion, huge battlefronts are now spread all over the world, while your character happens to be one of these recruits.

Weapons galore and exciting game modes

As it is customary, this new installment brings forth a whole wave of weapons to be used in missions, some of which are very powerful and even wacky, making it rather funny to make your way through the levels wielding them. In addition, you can now use a variety of gadgets as well, such as explosives, a radar and even a battle drone, to survey the infested areas and clear a path for you to advance.

Visually, the game uses the same isometric view, in order to maintain the feeling of the franchise and be able to handle the impressive number of units visible on the screen at the same time. However, the level design has been significantly improved, since you can now visit slightly larger cities and enjoy the urban landscapes in great detail, thanks to the nicely drawn models and the exquisite attention to even the smallest of objects.

A worthy successor with plenty of action

All in all, Alien Shooter 2 – Conscription should be exactly what you were looking for, in case you happen to be a fan of the series. Moreover, the many improvements make the gameplay smoother and even more action-packed than usual, which should make the time you spend with it entirely worth it.

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Alien Shooter 2 - Conscription

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12 Screenshots
Alien Shooter 2 - ConscriptionAlien Shooter 2 - ConscriptionAlien Shooter 2 - ConscriptionAlien Shooter 2 - ConscriptionAlien Shooter 2 - ConscriptionAlien Shooter 2 - ConscriptionAlien Shooter 2 - ConscriptionAlien Shooter 2 - ConscriptionAlien Shooter 2 - ConscriptionAlien Shooter 2 - ConscriptionAlien Shooter 2 - Conscription

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Alien Shooter 2 - Conscription is yet another installment in the exceptional franchise that brought you countless hour...

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