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The highly anticipated sequel to the enormously successful original 3D management simulation

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Tycoon games are all about giving you the opportunity to put your entrepreneurial side to the test, by undertaking various challenges to become the most successful business owner in your field. This is the case of Airport Tycoon 2, which allows you to start an airport and continue growing until there is not more room to expand.

Buy a piece of land for your business

The game starts off in a realistic manner, by requiring you to buy land before you start laying the foundation for the airport, which, as you might expect, costs quite a bit of money. Thus, right from the bat, you are put in the position to choose whether you want to start out with less land, but more money for buildings, or more land that can be used later in the game, when you get enough income support expanding your business.

You stumble upon these types of decisions at almost every step, all of which influence the way you are able to turn a profit in the end and attract the public to your airport. Naturally, it is also quite easy to fail as well, since a lot of things can go wrong in a place as massive as an international airport and it is not exactly the cheapest place to maintain without the proper income.

Build a variety of buildings and connect them with roads

After you place the initial terminals and runways, you must also take care of the people who visit the airport, since they require much more than a place to sit and wait for their flight. Thus, you can build parks and various other attractions around the main buildings, where people can relax, eat and find a taxi or a bus to take them back to the city.

Roads are also vital in an airport, since, beside connecting it with the outside world, they also connect different sections with each other, as well as allow the access of emergency vehicles on the runways, in case there is a fire. Building roads is as important as the airport itself, in the end, otherwise you won't be able to receive travelers, nor carry them out of the terminals and toward the nearby city.

An entertaining simulator to keep you hooked for hours

All in all, Airport Tycoon 2 follows the same pattern as the previous installment and the rest of the games in this category, which means that it is highly addictive. Thus, in case you are a big fan of airplanes and you enjoy managing a business, this game has all you may need to enjoy yourself for quite some time.

Airport Tycoon 2 Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 27th, 2014
Airport Tycoon 2 Demo - The buildings you decide to add must be relatively close to each other.Airport Tycoon 2 Demo - Terminals are quite large and they come with an outdoor section as well.Airport Tycoon 2 Demo - The camera allows you to zoom in to ground level and explore your creation from a closer perspective.

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