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Play the role of a flight controller and try to do your job right, in order to avoid accidents

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Although it may not seem like it, due to the high altitude at which they fly, there are thousands of airplanes up in the air at all times, while the big airports around the world have to handle multiple aircraft taking off and landing almost every few seconds. The air traffic controllers are those who make sure that each and every one of these planes gets to leave in time and also remains safe while it's on airport territory.

Play the role of an air traffic controller

As you might expect, the job is definitely not easy, especially since thousands of lives depend on your ability to concentrate and take the right decisions with every occasion. Airport Control Simulator is a game that allows you to experience this pressure, by playing the role of an air traffic controller and being charge of managing every plane that takes off or lands on your fictional airport.

Just like in real life, it all revolves around your ability to pay attention to the traffic around the airport and choose the right moment for each aircraft to make its descend down the runway. In case you miscalculate and you cause a collision, you are instantly fired and the game ends, which is pretty much what would happen if you did the same mistake as a real traffic controller.

Keep a tight schedule and pass the challenges

In case you are wondering how the game actually works, it's all about how fast you can move and how many planes land in a certain amount the time. The quicker you manage to give them the land signal, the quicker they are out of you hair and you can worry about the next flight. Obviously, every landing is counted and you receive a score at the end of each level.

As far as the graphics are concerned, you do not actually get to enjoy 3D graphics or observe the aircraft land according to your specifications, which is a bit sad. Most of your time is spent out on the map, where you can observe every nearby flight and carefully select the one you intend on helping. The world maps are very detailed, on the other hand and you can easily recognize landmarks from all over the world.

Addictive mechanics and easy controls

In the end, Airport Control Simulator can definitely be an interesting game to try out, at least until it gets repetitive. Due to the fact that there are not too many mission types to try out and you are not able to actually see the results of your work, things can quickly get a bit disappointing, at least if you intend on playing the game for more than an hour or two.

Airport Control Simulator Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on December 2nd, 2014
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