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Fly over Europe and engage enemies in daring dogfights in this arcade plane simulator

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Beside the fact that they can fly, planes also have the advantage of the enormous amount of weaponry they can carry on board, which can be released on the enemy under the form of bullets, missiles or bombs. Coupled with the dizzying heights they are accustomed to and the breakneck speeds they are capable of reaching, aircraft are rather hard to stop without a proper counter measure.

Take part in visceral dogfights over Europe

Air Conflicts puts you in the middle of this war and gives you free reign over some of the most iconic planes of the era, including the famous Spitfire and various other legendary aircraft that fought in the second World War. Naturally, the purpose is to bring down the enemy planes, as well as eliminate a wide array of ground objectives, such as tanks, buildings and so on.

To make it more interesting, the entire thing is structured in the form of a campaign, which features a variety of missions across Europe and a first-hand insight into the most recognizable battles of WWII. Your role is predetermined from the briefing screen, where you are also informed about your objectives and the type of targets you are going to face off against. Here you can view the plane you are about to pilot, as well as a bit of information regarding its capabilities.

More action at the cost of realism

As anyone who knows would tell you, flying a plane is definitely not something you can learn in a week-end. To take down enemy planes at the same time is even more difficult, especially since it is never a one-on-one fight and you have to avoid being hit from multiple directions. Air Conflict, on the other hand, emphasizes on the action part, by making the actual piloting as easy as driving a car on an empty street.

Thus, the realism levels may not impress, but the purpose of the game is not to make you crash at every wrong flaps move, but to provide you with an adrenaline-infused experience of the glorious dogfights that took place over Europe in the second World War. To do that, the developers had to focus on making it as easy to achieve as possible, to avoid turning away most of the players who do not own a dedicated joystick to be able to keep the airplanes in the sky.

Historically accurate action and entertainment

Air Conflicts manages to bring together quite the interesting collection of elements, most of which are aimed toward offering you a healthy dose of fun and adrenaline a few thousand feet above the ground. Moreover, the graphic quality is high enough to accurately depict the planes, although you barely get the chance to see them in one piece for too long.

Air Conflicts Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 29th, 2014
Air Conflicts Demo - Before heading into battle, you can view your missions and objectives, as well as choose where to start playing from.Air Conflicts Demo - At the beginning of each mission, you can manually take off or let the computer do it for you.Air Conflicts Demo - Once you are up in the air, the responsibility to handle the plane and shoot the foes falls entirely on you.Air Conflicts DemoAir Conflicts DemoAir Conflicts DemoAir Conflicts Demo

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