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Live the country life and take in the beauty of the nature as you plow the fields and harvest your crops

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Agriculture may not sound like the most exciting domain out there, especially not when it comes to gaming material. However, things have changed over the past few decades and field work is no longer done by hand, which means that highly advanced and expensive machinery is used instead. Hence, plowing can be fun as well, as long as you're doing with a giant tractor sporting six wheels.

Enjoy the country life and take care of your crops

Agrar-Simulator 2013, on the other hand, concerns itself with much more than the vehicles, although it is centered around them. Thus, everything from seeding to harvesting is included in the experience, which gives you the chance to witness the entire cycle of the crops and appreciate the amount of work that goes into assuring the fact that the markets are always full with everything you might require.

Speaking of which, harvesting the crops is not enough either, since you cannot keep them all for yourself and you cannot sell them directly from the barn. Alternatively, you must orient yourself and find the markets that offer you the best prices for your products, in order to gain a profit and continue buying better and better equipment for your farm.

Highly detailed vehicles and exquisite landscapes

One thing that truly impresses at the game is the ludicrous attention tot detail when it comes to the machinery used for accomplish the missions. Beside the fact that they are all modeled after real vehicles and use the original names for manufacturers like Fendt, Valtra and Challenger, a lot of effort went into assuring that every detail is in place, which is completed by the high-resolution textures and the nice post-processing effects.

The latter also comes into play to make the environments look incredibly realistic, especially since the locations are very dreamy in themselves. Hence, whether you are scouring the fields somewhere in the Alps, or you are harvesting the crops in Tuscany, you can enjoy quite the view, as well as an open environment that can be freely explore. Moreover, the terrain is deformable and it reacts in a realistic manner to the weight of the vehicles that pass over it.

A slow-paced and relaxing simulator

In the end, Agrar-Simulator 2013 may not be the best choice for those who crave constant action, but it can certainly be the perfect solution in case you want to take a few hours to relax. Thanks to the variety of locations, vehicles and challenges available, the game should last you for quite some time, especially since it has immense replayability potential.

Agrar-Simulator 2013 was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on November 7th, 2014
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