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Age of Empires represents the dawn of a new age in real-time strategy (RTS) games.

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Age of Empires III is a real-time strategy game where you will get the chance to conquer the world while leading some of the famous nations in Earth's history. The later release of two different expansions packs give even more depth to the game by adding three different Native American races and three different Asian races.

Napoleon is fighting the Native Americans in a battle to the death

The variety of nations available and the unique units each race features is one of the reasons that make this game great. The leader of your kingdom is represented by some of the most famous rulers the world has ever known: Napoleon of France, Suleiman the Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire and Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom.

In the beginning of the game players will be able to choose from a single player or a multiplayer game. If you want to play against the AI you will have to settle on playing a Campaign, a Custom Scenario or a Skirmish fight. A tutorial is also available for those who want to learn how to play.

A high level of resources is the key to victory in strategy games

There are three different resources one can gather in Age of Empires: gold, food and wood. If wood can only be collected from trees, gold can be gathered from rocks or by establishing a viable trade route and food, which is the most versatile resource, can be harnessed from wild and domestic animals, wild berry bushes and mills (farms).

You will be able to put the resources to good use by upgrading the main building (Town Center) and advancing to a superior age. The higher the age, the more buildings you will be able to construct and the more units you will have access to.

Great looks, great gameplay so it must be Age of Empires III

The game's visuals may not be amazing to modern standards, yet at the time of the release the graphics were some of the best that RTS fans have ever seen. The sound effects are very realistic reproducing sounds like weapons firing or the song of birds.

Given the multiple awards the game has received over the years, ii is clear that we're dealing with a triple A title and most importantly is one that deserves your attention, no matter if you’re a strategy fan or not.

Age of Empires 3 Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Niculaita
Last updated on July 18th, 2014
Age of Empires 3 DemoAge of Empires 3 DemoAge of Empires 3 DemoAge of Empires 3 Demo

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