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A first-person shooter set into a unique universe that combines the liberty of Minecraft with the Fallout universe

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Video games took a weird turn some time ago and, in some cases, stopped trying to top each other off with better graphics and realistic gameplay. In turn, blocky landscapes, pixelated enemies and sandbox-style mechanics are more than common nowadays, thanks to titles like Minecraft, which made the genre popular and gave it credibility.

An interesting genre combination

3079 take things even further and integrates a few new ideas into the mix, in order to provide you with a combination between Minecraft and Fallout, with emphasis on survival and character growth. Thus, rather than digging holes in the ground for hours at end, you get to explore an endless world of different factions fighting each other in a post-apocalyptic scenario.

Naturally, the mechanics of the game have to be different as well in order to deal with the change, which means that you get to wield firearms instead of swords and pickaxes. On the other hand, this also means that you are much more liable to die at every step, since armed aliens and monsters are always roaming the lands on the lookout for some easy prey.

Advance through a storyline and improve your character

Unlike Minecraft, which had no missions, quests or background story, 3079 features a rich plot that advances as you complete various quests throughout the world. Hence, although both the environment and the missions are procedurally generated, you get to follow a storyline as you go further and further into the game. Naturally, since the world has no boundaries, you are always free to just walk into the sunset and explore the different biomes that exist.

Beware, though, since the enemies get stronger as you move further into the world, which means that they can kill you much quicker. On the other hand, you posses the ability to advance as well, because there are certain skills that can be improved along the way and you can also pick up various items from the fallen foes, which greatly improve your attributes.

Sandbox-style action and an interesting setting

All in all, 3079 features quite a few unique elements, which should give you plenty to do and explore. Moreover, the fact that you can also build fortresses from scratch, improve your skills and find new types of enemies as you advance through the story greatly adds to the overall atmosphere.

3079 Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on October 25th, 2014
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