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Play a fun Flash survival game where you must destroy the enemy troops using a series of towers

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Xeno Tactic is a little tower defense game in which you, as usual, have to defend your base against oncoming waves of enemy forces. The game proposes a series of missions with different boards on which need to strategically place your defensive towers.

Standard TD gameplay

As in all tower defense games, the goal is to prevent a series of waves made out of multiple or individual creatures from infiltrating your base or reaching the object you are guarding. Each enemy unit that reaches its target results in you losing a life. Since you have a limited number, it’s best that doesn't happen or you will restart the level.

In Xeno Tactic you get to build and use six different types of towers to stop the invaders. You have general use towers like the Vulcan Turret, specialized ones such as the DCA which is effective against air units and defensive structures with special abilities.

The invading army has a limited number of waves it sends and if you manage to fight them off, you advance to the next level. There are six to play and each one looks different, thus increasing the degree of difficulty.

Plan your defensive strategy well

The alien force that attacks is diverse. Some creatures are easy to kill while for others you require much more firepower. The towers you build have their strengths and weaknesses and you must combine them in order to eliminate the waves.

Each tower can be upgraded a number of times, this granting them more damage, attack speed or an increased range. Equally important to damage, is the placement of your towers. You can opt to create clusters of very powerful towers for quick kills or create elaborate mazes that slowly but surely take down the enemy.

An old but decent TD game

On a closing note, Xeno Tactic is a standard tower defense game that has a few years behind it and for this reason it’s not so appealing from a graphics and effects point of view. It’s rather outdated but even so it’s still a decent game to play.

Xeno Tactic was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 24th, 2014
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