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A complex retro turn-based strategy game with tons of content and wonderful gameplay

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WargameProject is an indie turn-based strategy game that features a simple graphics design but excels in gameplay complexity and attention to detail. It’s a title that aims highly at creating a realistic approach to warfare, even if the setting is a fantasy one.

A bit of everything and done right

WargameProject features gameplay components from several related and unrelated genres, all of which come together to form one well-polished game. You can engage in both singleplayer and multiplayer gameplay, and there are three races to choose from.

Don’t let the looks of the game fool you, or better yet, make you consider twice about playing it. Sure, it has modest graphics, and it could benefit from a visuals overhaul but once you start playing, you can easily overlook that aspect. The artwork that exists for the units is nicely done and the amount of lore and storyline detail that comes with the singleplayer campaigns matches those of popular titles such as Heroes of Might and Magic.

The gameplay takes a bit of time to pick up but once you do, you can't put the game down

It’s true that to appreciate and play games such as WargameProject you have to have an acquired taste for strategy games that focus on combat and the experience in itself rather than pleasing the eyes. In the beginning, the game offers a very short tutorial that provides an introduction to the game’s basic mechanics but it’s not enough.

It takes a bit of time to learn all the ins and outs of WargameProject but it’s a nice journey. There is a lot of stuff to learn about the units, both allies and enemies, heroes can be equipped with artefacts, castles conquered and more. This indie game shines a bit more because it applies gameplay features that others should have, such as the possibility of your units getting sick.

If you’re into well thought out turn-based strategy games, play it

To end, WargameProject is a TBS worth playing if you're in the old school manner of approach to strategy. It might look questionable, but there’s no questioning whether it’s a good game or not.

WargameProject was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 29th, 2015
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